What is a Bible College? Who needs to attend Bible College? Why should I attend a Bible College?

Here we have three very valid questions that young people and adults alike may ask. In our 21st century do Bible colleges have a place in our educational objectives?

You will notice that the word “Bible” is in the centre of our name because the Bible is at the centre of Kingston Bible College and is the central subject. It is the reference to which all other fields of study are subjected.

The basis of spiritual teaching in the Christian home and church is the Bible. The Bible college is an extension of these God-given institutions, reinforcing and instilling the importance of the principles and practices previously taught in the church and home. As a high school graduate comes under the instruction of a Bible College he is presented with an opportunity to study the Bible on a more systematic basis than previously experienced.

We believe that the Bible is the most important document of all. The Bible is the book of doctrine governing the moral, ethical, historical, or spiritual domain of a believer. In our college the Bible is the ruler by which is measured all spheres of knowledge and life. It is God’s record of His dealings with man. The Bible has absolute integrity in all of its statements. It gives instruction in the fundamental issues that pertain to life. This book points to the Lord Jesus Christ as being God incarnate. A person is acquainted with the God of the Bible through this book from God. The reading and studying of the Bible is of great benefit to any age bracket.

Secular university experience provides a means to make a living but not a way to have a meaningful life. A Bible college, on the other hand, provides an emphasis on how a person is to live a life governed by the principles of the Word of God. Today’s university experience does not deal with sin and sinful habits. Universities no longer provide teaching on moral values. If a person has a sinful habit then it must be managed rather than labeled what it really is. At Bible college sinful habits are identified and biblical solutions are presented. Sinful habits need to be repented of and forsaken which will lead to a more satisfying life and a less destructive effect on the human body, resulting in a renewed commitment to complete submission to the injunctions of the Word of God.

As a result of spending so much focused time with the Word of God, the student will have a naturally occurring focus on ministry. His perspective will be that of a shepherd, elder, helper. He will not view himself as a chief executive officer, a director or a manager. His thorough knowledge of the Scriptures will extend and expand his vision and commitment for a lifetime of Christian service.

Bible College can supply a place of continuing education in ministry for pastors. Issues and trends that face pastors and others in ministry can be studied in greater detail to help these servants who need current and accurate information for ministry.

Why go to Bible college? It is necessary for a proper perspective for life. Who needs to go to Bible college? Everyone. Everyone needs a fuller and more in depth knowledge of the Word of God. Is a Bible college needed? Yes; It is the primary institution that provides the necessary reinforcement for what is taught in the church and home.

Kingston Bible College came into being during a protest over the liberalism and modernism that was being taught in the mainline colleges and universities of the Maritimes. For over seventy-five years Kingston Bible College has remained independent and separatist in its relation to the ecumenical and charismatic tendencies of the religious world. By God’s grace we will continue to stand on the Word of God.

If you are interested in becoming a student of the Word of God, consider Kingston Bible College as your opportunity to a lifetime of ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ.