Candidates for admission must be of good Christian character, display consideration of others, be ready to study, and have a willingness to obey those in authority.

Full time students, those taking 12 semester hours or more, under 23 years of age must have the approval of the College officials concerning residence unless they are married or live with their immediate family. Full time students must attend regularly the services of Faith Baptist Church (IND.) of Greenwood.

Applicants should have a high school diploma or the equivalent, such as satisfactory scores on a General Education Test.

How to apply for admission:
1. Fill out the online application,
2. Obtain an application form from Kingston Bible College,
743 Academic Avenue, R.R. 5, Kingston, NS, B0P 1R0 CANADA.
3. Complete the form and send it with the $75.00 application fee (Non-refundable)
4. Upon receiving your application form and fee, the College will notify you and send further information.

Students transferring should follow the steps above and have a complete transcript of your work sent to the Registrar, Kingston Bible College.