The fees at Kingston Bible College are kept as low as possible. Over the years, the Lord has blessed in the provision of land, buildings, and equipment so that the College has no large debts to finance. Though the fees are not high, we believe that all students should pay for their education. We do not offer “scholarships” or “free tuition” as we believe that students who are undertaking the financial responsibility for their own education should not also be burdened by paying for the “free” education of a fellow student. An education worth having is worth sacrificing for. On overdue accounts interest will be added at the rate of 1.5% per month on the unpaid balance beginning 90 days after the invoice date unless previous arrangements have been made with the Administrator.
Students requesting confirmation of enrollment for student loans must agree to have Student Loans remit to KBC the students tuition for the semester.

2006-07 School Year
Application Fee (Non-refundable) $75.00 (one per program)
Registration Fee $ 25.00 per semester
Tuition $ 1,650.00 per semester based on 15 hours per week for one semester
Technology Fee $ 50.00
Student Services $ 50.00

2006 Summer School
Registration Fee $ 25.00 per session
Tuition $ 110.00 per credit hour
Room and Board calculated as required

Submission and review of student portfolio for credit $ 200.00 per course
*Fees subject to change.

Kingston Bible College qualifies for student assistance loans. Students from Nova Scotia may apply for them at the following site:
Nova Scotia Student Assistance

T2202a's will be issued to Canadian students for income tax purposes, by the end of February following the end of the previous calendar year.