Tuition Fees
  • Registration Fee $50.00 per family

  • Re-registration (current students) $25.00 per family

  • Late Re-registration (after June) $35.00 per family

  • One student $ 2,650.00 per year

  • Two students from one family $ 4,400.00 per year

  • Three or more students from one family $ 5,250.00 per year

Charitable Gifts
The Canada Revenue Agency allows that an amount paid to a Canadian Charity operating a religious school is a gift. The school has to segregate the amount of religious instruction from general instruction and that amount is a gift to the charity. Receipts for this amount will be issued by the end of February following the calendar year end. Information on this subject can be found at the following CRA site: IC75-23

A number of textbooks with Christian themes are used in our curriculum. There is a fee for these texts and averages about $75.00 per year per student.

Billing for uniforms is usually done in October or November of each year.