Technology Policy
Kingston Bible College provides information technology resources to faculty, staff, and students. All users have the responsibility to use those services in an effective, efficient, ethical, and legal manner. Students and employees are to contribute to creating and maintaining an open community of responsible users.

No one may assume another person's identity or role through deception or without proper authorization. You may not communicate or act under the guise, name, identification, email address, signature, of another person without proper authorization, nor may you communicate under the rubric of an organization, entity, or unit that you do not have the authority to represent.

You are urged, therefore, to safeguard your data, personal information, passwords and authorization codes, and confidential data; to take full advantage of file security mechanisms built into the computing systems

User Responsibilities
When you use Kingston Bible College's computing services, you accept the following specific responsibilities:

To respect the privacy of other users; for example, you shall not intentionally seek information on, obtain copies of, or modify files, or passwords belonging to other users or the college, shall not represent others, unless authorized to do so explicitly by those users, nor shall you divulge sensitive personal data to which you have access concerning faculty, staff, or students without explicit authorization to do so.

To respect the rights of other users; for example, you shall comply with all college policies regarding sexual, racial, and other forms of harassment.

To respect the legal protection provided by copyright and licensing of programs and data; for example, you shall not make copies of a licensed computer program to avoid paying additional license fees or to share with other users.

To respect the intended usage of resources; for example, you shall use only those resources (unique name and password, funds, transactions, data, processes, etc.) assigned to you by administration, faculty, for the purposes specified, and shall not access or use other such resources unless explicitly authorized to do so. You may not use college resources assigned to you or others for profit-making or fund-raising activities unless explicitly authorized.

To respect the intended usage of systems for electronic exchange (such as e-mail, IRC, Usenet News, World Wide Web, etc.); you shall not send forged electronic mail, mail that will intimidate or harass other users, chain messages that can interfere with the efficiency of the system, mass mailings not related to the purpose of the college, or promotional mail for profit-making purposes. Also, you shall not break into another user's electronic mailbox or read someone else's electronic mail without his/her permission.

To respect the integrity of the system or network; you shall not intentionally use processes that harass other users or infiltrate the system or damage or alter the software or data components of a system.

To adhere to all general college policies and procedures including, proper use of information resources, information technology, and networks; ethical and legal use of software.